• Representative Jason Fischer

    Keep informed about your community. Stay connected. Let your voice be heard.

  • About State House District 16

    We're diverse. District 16 includes the Mandarin community, San Marco, portions of Nocatee and the Southside.

    Detailed Map of House

    District 16

    Over 150,000 people reside in District 16. It is the heart of Jacksonville and the area continues to grow.

    About Our Area - Video

    Representative Fischer tells you about some of his favorite spots.


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  • Social News Feed

    Jason actively engages with constituents on social media.

    Follow him on these channels and strike up a conversation.

  • Let's Get Them Talking

    Leverage current constituency. Build followers. Acknowledge their voice. Harness your leadership.

    Snapchat Filters

    Innovative, cost-effective, geo-targeting

    Jacksonville politicos have yet to tap into Snapchat filters. With a minimum $1,000 investment (not including creation and deployment), Snapchat users will see your name and share the filter with their friends. Data on these users can be captured and photos of the snaps can be collected.


    Additionally, there are significant opportunities for 'social overflow' and earned media. Think of the Fourth of July festivities in Downtown Jax, Mandarin, or the Town Center - create a geofence around these zones to communicate with the community.


    This is innovative and bold, but speaks to your youth and understanding of current communications.

    Digital Ad Placement

    Access a computer or smartphone from District 16? See an ad.

    Action News Jacksonville, Jacksonville.com and News4Jax are the three busiest websites in Jacksonville. Each site offers geotargeting as part of their digital ad placements.

    Let's drive traffic to your webpage, offer an opportunity to have their voices heard and collect data.

    Chase with Email

    Push quality content to your constituents

    Constituents who sign up for your opinion poll through the campaigns above can receive a custom email, encouraging them to share this opinion poll with their friends. We will track forwards, open-rate and bounce-rates to consistently improve constituent outreach.


    An email address will be required to reach the opinion poll and will go into your database.

    Quality Video

    Short, simple, engaging videos for social feeds

    Social Media algorithms encourage the use of video content. Let us develop rich video surrounding your stories of inspiration and success. Let's target people in your community and let them share your mission.

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    Exploit Social Media

    You've worked hard to build your reputation.

    Social Media continues to be the single most effective way to communicate with your constituents and the community. Harness this force to spark the conversation and appear accessible to the community.


    Let's engage your followers with contests, smart sponsored posts and let this be an enduring legacy for your fans.